The New Town

A district of Edinburgh with grand, and elegant Georgian architecture – a new town built to a careful design in the late 18th century, to ease overcrowding in the Old Town. Part of the reason for Edinburgh’s UNESCO heritage status. Less than 700m west, and north from Waverley station. 12 minutes’ walk.

The New Town is also right in the city centre – directly north of the Old Town and Edinburgh Waverley – the main railway station. It is not that new: it was conceived and built in the mid-18th century and comprises magnificent Georgian buildings with grand sandstone facades – laid out in grand, wide streets and crescents. The New Town lies just north of Princes Street, the central shopping centre of Edinburgh. It is an ideal base for shoppers, visitors to the Christmas Market, The Playhouse, the Scottish National Gallery and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. The streets are peppered with cafés and small boutique shops.

The historic buildings of the New Town offer flats with Georgian grandeur. The roads and pavements are wide, but while not maybe as steep as the inclines of the Old Town, the New Town too is built on the side of a noticeable hill.

The streets are peppered with cafés and small boutique shops.

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