1 Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Confirming a request for Edinburgh Flats to provide the services or any part of the services outlined below constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2 Edinburgh Flats Duties – All Services

2.1 EF will seek holiday let guests for the property(ies) as agent for the client but always disclosing to guests or prospective guests that the client is the principal and that all agreements entered into will be on behalf of the client who will be contractually bound thereby and liable to the Guest and EF will bear no responsibility in this regards, save in the event of negligence by them or by an agent on their behalf. The Client hereby indemnifies EF against all claims in this regard.

2.2 EF will have no liability for any loss suffered by the Client as a result of the Guests’ activities within the property(ies) or for any damage caused to or items removed from the property(ies) by the Guests.

3 Edinburgh Flats Duties – Enquiry and Financial Management

3.1 EF will manage the availability for the Client’s property(ies).

3.2 EF will send suitable Holiday Let Terms and Conditions to guests who book the client’s property. These will confirm that the property is occupied solely for the purpose of a private holiday residence and that the person occupying the property has no security of tenure within the terms of Section 12(2) and Paragraph 8 of schedule 4 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988

3.3 EF will raise an email request for monies owed by the guests six weeks before the arrival of the guests, or in the case of a booking for arrival less than six weeks from the date of booking, a payment request will be raised within a week of booking. Should full payment not be received within a week of arrival, we will notify the client and agree the approach to be taken to the booking.

3.4 EF will provide the Client with a monthly statement showing payments collected for arrival in the previous month, and service charges or payments made on behalf of the Client. EF will be entitled to deduct all money due to them. The balance of the payment will be payable to the Client, being paid by the method agreed in advance with the Client. Payment will be made no later than the 20th of the month following the completion of any stay.

3.5 EF reserves the right to add bank payment processing charges to cover the costs of the payment method designated by the guest and to retain this payment.

4 Edinburgh Flats Duties – Guest Management

4.1 EF provides the following guest management services:

  1. Dealing with Guests and providing an initial response to Guest enquiries, issues and problems from guests
  2. Providing laundry services by providing rented bed linen and towels which are laundered after each booking
  3. Cleaning properties, and preparing flats for the next guest

4.2 After cleaning the property, EF will notify the client of maintenance requirements identified and any damage that may have been caused by previous guests that could result in the need to retain some or all of the damage deposit. We cannot guarantee that all faults will be identified.

4.3 Should the need arise, EF will provide a property management service for emergencies or minor matters. This will be charged separately in addition to agreed charges.

5 Edinburgh Flats (EF) Duties – Damage Deposits

5.1 EF will take a damage deposit prior to a guest’s arrival and obtain permission for the costs of any damages to be charged to their debit or credit card without prior recourse to them on the understanding that, as soon as is reasonably practicable, the charges are notified to the guests. This permission is obtained through the Terms and Conditions covering the booking

5.2 EF will refund the damage deposit to the guest unless notified within 48 hours of the guest’s departure that retention of some or all of the damage deposit is required.

5.3 If EF are providing Guest Management Services, and they identify a need to retain some or all of the damage deposit, the client will be notified

5.4 Retention of some or all of the damage deposit may be required if there is damage to the property or the contents thereof incurred as a result of the actions of the guests. This includes reasonable cleaning costs in the event that the property is left in a dirty or very untidy condition.

6 Your Duties – All Services

6.1 You will ensure that all the legal and statutory requirements for setting up a holiday let are met.

6.2 You will keep the property(ies) wind and watertight and in good and clean tenantable condition and repair suitable for letting at all times the property(ies) are let or made available for let. This includes provision of a constant and working supply of gas and electricity to the property(ies) when it is let and available for let.

6.3 You will insure the property(ies) and their contents on the basis that the property(ies) will be let to guests for holidays.

6.4 You will provide instructions on how to work all systems and appliances in the property(ies).

6.5 You will pay Edinburgh Flats the agreed fees for the services provided.

7 Your Duties (Web Advertised Properties) – Enquiry and Financial Management Services

7.1 You will make the property(ies) available for let at all times unless specifically agreed with EF. If you make the property unavailable when a booking has been taken, EF reserves the right to charge you 20% of the booking price or a minimum of £75 plus VAT.

7.2 You will keep your rental rates up to date at all times.

7.3 You will arrange for guests to be provided with access and keys to the property(ies) at the commencement of the let and be available to deal with issues raised by the guests during the let. This may be achieved by using EF Guest Management Services

7.4 You will ensure that the property is clean and prepared ready for the arrival of each guest. This may be achieved by using EF Guest Management Services

8 Your Duties – Guest Management Services

8.1 You will provide:

  1. cleaning equipment required in the property such as a vacuum cleaner, mop, brush, dust pan, toilet brush (for each WC), feather duster, any special cleaning products required in the property (e.g. for floors) with instructions for the care required.

  1. Supply of light bulbs and batteries required within the property

  1. An inventory of the property contents.

  1. Access and the agreed number of sets of keys to the property(ies)

    1. If using your bed linen, provide sufficient bed linen and towels to enable the property to accommodate the maximum number of guests the property can accommodate and 2 complete extra sets of bed linen and towels.

8.3 You will provide an information pack within the property with instructions on how to work all systems and appliances in the property(ies). This should include codes for internet use, how to deal with rubbish (on days when no collection) and what to do in the case of Fire. A copy of the information pack is to be kept in the property and a copy of the provided to EF.