Edinburgh Flats will seek holiday let Guests for the Property(ies) as agent for the Landlord but always disclosing to Guests or prospective Guests that the Landlord is the principal and that all contracts entered into will be on behalf of the Landlord who will be contractually bound thereby and liable to the Guests and Edinburgh Flats will bear no responsibility or liability in this regard. The Landlord has indemnified the Edinburgh Flats against all claims in this regard

Edinburgh-flats is acting as the agent for the landlord.

The booking confirmation is between the guest and the landlord of the property, and is to be subject to the terms and conditions supplied by the landlord to the guest. It should be noted that the landlord may request a refundable damages deposit against any damages that may occur to their property during the stay.

Terms & Conditions For Edinburgh Flats

A confirmed booking exists when a guest receives email confirmation of that booking from the Landlord or their agent.

The guest acknowledges notice that the property is one to which Section 12(2) and Paragraph 8 of schedule 4 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 applies whereby the guest has the right to occupy the flat for the purpose of his/her holiday only and whereby there will be no security of tenure within the terms of the said Act.

The guest agrees to use this property solely for the purpose of a private holiday residence for the maximum of people(for the avoidance of doubt, the number of people includes both adults and children) shown on the booking correspondence and agrees not to:

  • use the property for any improper, illegal, or immoral purposes
  • to sub-let the property
  • cause (nor allow any guests or visitors to cause) any nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to neighbours, or to the Landlord, or to the Landlord’s agent
  • smoke or allow smoking in the property keep pets in the property

Failure to comply with the requirements above will result in the agreement being terminated and the guest will be required to vacate the premises

Booking Deposit

A Booking deposit plus service fee of £35 will be taken at the time of booking. The booking deposit is deducted from the total cost of the stay. The remainder of the booking payment is due 6 weeks before arrival. If arrival is less than 6 weeks from booking the full payment is due when booking the apartment (Edinburgh Flats managed properties only). If a booking is cancelled less than 24 hours from the time of the ‘Booking confirmation’ Email was sent, the guest is entitled to a refund of their deposit (less a £25.00 plus VAT administration fee) Any cancellations received after this period will not be entitled to a refund.

Damages Deposits

The Guests will pay a refundable damages deposit as stated in the booking correspondence to the landlord/landlord’s agent prior to taking entry to the property.

Apartments managed by Edinburgh Flats – By acceptance of these Terms & Conditions the guests hereby agree to pre authorisation of the damages deposit as stated in the property listing by the debit or credit card that was used to make payment if of the booking deposit. The Guests in doing so give permission for the costs of any damages (as after defined) to be charged to their debit or credit card without prior recourse to them on the understanding that, as soon as is reasonably practicable, any charges will be notified to them by the landlord or their agent.This includes reasonable cleaning costs in the event that the property is left in a dirty or very untidy condition.

Apartments managed by the Landlord – The damages deposit will be paid in accordance to the Terms and Conditions supplied by the Landlord. The Landlord will refund the damages deposit without interest to the Guests within 21 days of their vacation of the property, under deduction of all reasonable costs for remedying any damage to the property or the contents thereof incurred on behalf of the owner as a result of the actions of the guests. This includes reasonable cleaning costs in the event that the property is left in a dirty or very untidy condition.

Final payment for the property is due 6 weeks prior to arrival date. Any payments not received by that date, will deem the booking cancelled, and the property’s dates will become available for another booking.

Cancellations (for any reason) made after final payment has been received will not be refunded. However, Edinburgh-flats.com may try to relet the property for the relevant dates. If there is a booking for any of these dates, a refund may be paid at the discretion of the landlord/landlord’s agent. This refund will be limited to the amount received for the replacement booking less any associated costs and an administration fee of £25.00

It is recommended that guests take out cancellation insurance.

The property will be available between 3pm and 10pm on the start date unless a separate agreement is reached. Arrivals outside these times may be subject to a surcharge. All arrival times must be pre-arranged. The way in which the keys will be delivered or collected will be agreed when the final payment is received.

The property shall be vacated by 10:00am on the departure date unless a separate agreement is reached. Keys will be returned in accordance with arrangements made when the keys are provided. A cleaning fee will be charged at the time of booking appropriate to the size of the property, £50 for a one bedroom, £60 for a two bedroom and £80 for a three bedroom apartment.

The property is a no smoking property and shall be left in a clean and tidy state. Rubbish should be disposed of as explained in the instructions within the property. An excess cleaning charge will be applied should it be required. A fee of £500 will be charged for any guests found to be smoking in the apartments.

The guest agrees to repair, replace or pay for any items damaged through neglect, misuse, or carelessness on the part of the guest or any visitors to the property

When damage occurs, either by negligence or deliberate action of a guest, the guest agrees to indemnify the Landlord against any associated losses, that be required. The guest will notify the Landlord of any repairs which are necessary and allow the Landlord or Landlord’s agent access to carry out repairs.

If for unforeseen circumstances a property becomes unavailable for a confirmed booking, then the guest will be informed as soon as possible. The landlord, or their representative, will try to offer the guest similar or higher standard accommodation. If this alternative is unacceptable or unavailable to offer to the guest, the guest is then entitled to a full refund of monies paid to date. The landlord’s liability is limited to monies paid to date.

Right to Complain and/or compensation

The booking is between the guest and the landlord of the property, and is to be subject to the terms and conditions supplied by the landlord (or via his agent) to the guest. Should you have any complaints about the property on arrival, you should make them directly to the landlord during the time of your stay. If the landlord is unable to rectify your complaint to your satisfaction, you can discuss the option of compensation directly with the landlord. No refunds are considered if complaints are made after departure.

Vacation of the apartment.

Guests must vacate the apartment by 10am onthe morning of departure unless a later check out has been agreed in advance (subject to availability). Guests must ensure they remove all their personal belongings when vacating the apartment. Any belongings left inthe apartment will be deemed to be no longer of use. A charge will be deducted fromt the damges deposit for disposal or return of belongings left in the apartment.

The property must be left in a neat & tidy condition with all rubbish removed, used pots and pans washed and returned to the cupboards, etc. Extra charges apply if any additional cleaning is needed after guest departure.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions the guest confirms that they do not have diplomatic immunity.

The Terms, conditions, contracts and disputes in connection with this agreement are governed by The Laws of Scotland.


General Fire Safety Instructions during your stay:

​What to do in case of an emergency:

Property can be replaced, people can’t. Knowing the basics and having a fire action plan – where everyone knows what to do in an emergency – could save lives.

In the event of a fire, make sure everyone leaves immediately if the main route of escape is safe - call 999 and ask for the fire service. 

Closing doors behind you as you leave the house will slow down the spread of flames and help protect both people and your belongings from fire.


  • Stay low to the floor where the air is cleaner and cooler
  • Shout to warn your family or anyone nearby – even outside
  • If your clothing catches fire, stop, drop down and roll on the ground until the flames go out.
  • If someone else’s clothing catches light, use a blanket, rug or thick coat to put out the flames
  • If you can’t get out, stand by a window so firefighters can see you
  • Never open a door if it's warm to touch, there could be fire inside


  • Use a lift. Always take the stairs
  • Stop to take anything with you
  • Try to go back inside until a firefighter tells you it’s safe to do so
  • Jump out of a window, unless you are sure it will be safe to do so

Remember, smoke and fumes can quickly overcome anyone. Trying to tackle a fire or staying to salvage goods could prove fatal. If a fire does happen, the only safe thing to do is get out the building and call the fire service.

If you can't get out

  • Get everyone into one room (grab a mobile phone if you can). This is your ‘safe’ room
  • When everyone’s in the room, pack clothes, cushions, pillows or towels around the door to keep smoke out
  • Open a window and shout for help until someone calls 999 for the Fire & Rescue Services
  • Stay at the open window
  • If you’re on the first floor, you might be able to drop some pillows or cushions and then lower yourself from the windowsill. Only ever try this if you’ve no other choice
  • If you’re leaving by a window and there are two adults, one should go first to catch children that are passed down by the other. Pass them slowly and stretch full length before you let them go
  • If you’re on a higher floor, lean out of the window for fresh air until the Fire and Rescue Service arrives


Please ensure you follow the instructions below to prevent risk of a fire.

• No smoking is allowed in the apartment.

• No candles, matches or lighters are to be used in the apartment.

• Do not exceed the number of people booked in to the apartment.

• Do not place anything over the wall heaters.

• Do not leave unattended charges plugged in the socket.Do not leave chargers plugged in while you are sleeping.

• Do not leave unattended hair straighteners (or similar) plugged in the socket. Do not leave hair straighteners (or similar) plugged in while you are sleeping.

• Do not tamper with the fire alarms. If they start beeping, please contact Edinburgh Flats on 0131 249 2428 or the Landlord/Landlord’s agent at once.

• Do not keep luggage or other objects in the hallway that may block your exit route.

• Do not keep clothing near to the hall heater.

• Keep the front door closed at all times.

• When you lock the door last thing at night – Make sure you keep the keys in a place where you can find them in a emergency. We recommend you put them just by the front door.