All Things Scottish in Edinburgh

In a parallel universe, all our vacations involve several weeks of full social and cultural immersion: finding the most local of local eateries, via the smartest shortcuts around town; learning the slang & (in)appropriate hand gestures; and tracing every last one of our pre-emigrant ancestors.

Meanwhile, real life and statistics tell us that one likely has somewhere between 3 – 7 nights’ holiday in any given destination.  There’s a lot of Edinburgh – and certainly a lot of Scotland – to cram into such a short space of time.  That’s why Edinburgh-Flats is pleased to present a selection of Visitor Info pages dedicated to what our guests most frequently enquire about:

 Map displays:

Scottish Dining:  the best restaurants in the city for you to enjoy an authentic taste of Scotland: check out our map to see which are closest to your accommodation.  Links are included, so please be sure to look at opening hours as well as all the mouth-watering sample menus.  You might wish to book your table in advance, especially for special occasions/large group bookings, and especially in High Season periods such as Hogmanay and the Edinburgh Festival.


Folk Music:  Pubs, bars, clubs and other venues with regular live traditional music nights.  Most of these are ‘come on in out of the cold’ drop-in (unticketed) events featuring the best fiddlers, singers & accordionists (among others) based either in Edinburgh or elsewhere in Scotland: at once both intimate and ebullient occasions.


Ceilidh: Scotland has an undeniably rich (pre-)history of social gathering with storytelling, music and dance, which has reached its best-known ‘modern’ incarnation as the ceilidh: while some are formal celebrations marking lifetime events, some are simply regular meet ups for those who love and want to dance.  Check out our collated ceilidh calendars for event listings: we strongly recommend you click through the links for up-to-date info and advance booking instructions.


Still to come…. 

We are working hard researching our upcoming Whisky & Distilleries page.

Anything else you’d like to see covered, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email:  All the Edinburgh-Flats staff live in the city and we hope that the sum of our local knowledge will include advice and recommendations useful to any guest, no matter what their age, interest or the purpose of their visit.